An Alternate Fate Edit

An Alternate Fate, otherwise known as the "Rebirth" quest, is one of Cyntaras' most challenging obstacles, and until recently, had not been completed. However a group of brave adventurers, consisting of the group seen below, braved the quest and managed it with minimal loss of life.



Rewards: Edit

- A new vocation (+base regen) - A special outfit depending on your vocation (as you can see on the Miscellaneous page.) - A damage boost to all spell-related damage. - An increase in max capacity (able to carry a noticeable amount more potions.)

Retained after Rebirth: Edit


Skills/Magic Level

((Notes: From what we have noticed, you will not retain any health/mana from previous levels, only your skills and magic level have been noted to have been retained.))


Supplies: Edit

It is best to remember to back a supply bag and put one member of the party in charge of throwing it through the duration of the maze, once you are through the maze, it will no longer be required to finish the quest, here are some items you should throw in it:

  1. Magic Walls (LOTS, we used close to 1000)
  2. Tempest Runes
  3. Zydrate(Not necessary, but it can help if you want to work through faster)
  4. Fire Bomb Runes
  5. Energy Bomb Runes
  6. Ultimate Health Potions
  7. Ultimate Mana Potions
  8. ToT runes (LOTS)
  9. Curaga Runes (LOTS)
  10. Infernal Bolts (Only if you bring a pally, will use about 1000+ during maze clear)

Also to be brought for later parts of the quest:

  • Ruby Necklace- (Mandatory) 1-2 for each character in your group. Do not put on until you get to Proximity Bomb room after the maze.

Beware the Maze: Edit

To get through this section of the quest, your group will have to work its way through an extensive maze, consisting of many wrong stair cases that mostly return you back to the beginning of the maze, so if you have a bot with level spy, be careful to see where stairs go before taking them. Also be careful of some staircases as there are quite a few that once you go in wont allow you back the way you came, so always be sure to throw your supply bag first, once you actually are sure the way you need to go.

Beware: If a party member dies, you have to go back, all 6 people have to make it to the end to complete:

Types of Creatures:

  • Legendary Warrior
  • Medusa
  • Swamp Lord
  • Demi Lich
  • Grim Reaper
  • Souleater
  • Elder Wyrms
  • Behemoth
  • Demon
  • Undead Dragon
  • Mad Mage
  • Raging Mage
  • Mind Flayer
  • White Warlord
  • Draken Abomination
  • Draken Elite
  • Abyss Necromancer
  • Hellish Flamethrower
  • Behemoth Pillar

For this quest a recommended team comp includes- 2 Elite Knights and 2 Elder Druids, the other 2 people can be any combination of paladins/sorcerer/druid. We did it with 2 EK's, 1 Paladin and 3 Druids.

The maze is pretty straight forward to start, just work your way north and around to the left, try not to deviate too much of the main path, and once again if you have level spy, keep an eye out where stairs lead before you actually take any set, after the first few segements of the maze theres a straight-away where you come from the right and head left, halfway across on the north side there is a PZ zone with a portal in it, this is the Shortcut portal you may take once you unlock it. You must work your way through the whole maze to unlock the shortcut. You should at least uncover the area so you know where it is in case of a party member death.

If you follow the path in the video below marked "Cynatara An Alternate Fate Maze Run" You will see the proper way to go (Again it starts about 5 minutes into the maze, turned on the recording late, and none of the videos have sound).

Note that the Hellish Flamethrower and Behemoth Pillar are bolded in the list above, this is because of all the things in the maze, these need to be focused on the most, there are a few stretches of hallways lined with hellish flamethrowers, this is where the magic walls come in, a knight needs to lure all the Legendary Warriors out of the hallway before your group makes a run through the pillars, walling the whole way up. ((We reached the first section of pillars at 31:00 into the maze video, our first knight would go up and lure Legendary Warriors down, until the hallway was mostly clear then we went up as a group at about 38:05. If you look at minute 40, we realized in our haste we left the supply bag behind, try not to forget it, or you are likely to run out before you get to the end.))

Around the 48 minute mark there is a place that had 5 demons and 2 behemoths, these are the areas where it is vital to have 2 blockers, and 2 healers keeping them alive as well as throwing curaga off your other shooters as well.

The Long Hall and the Many Walls Edit

One of the hardest parts of this entire maze is the final hallway leading up to the Behemoth Pillar. The hall is lined top to bottom in Hellish Flamethrowers, leading all the way to the bottom where you will find them making a U shape with the Behemoth Pillar in the center.((**IT TOOK US 10 AND A HALF MINUTES TO KILL THE BEHEMOTH PILLAR** Bring lots of magic walls, we almost ran out. -Behemoth Pillar was from 53:20-1:03:40-))

You have to kill the Behemoth Pillar to open a space to move on:


DO NOT try to rush south, refresh all your current walls, then slowly make your way south, make sure that one of your knights is first to walk through, so he can be healed while putting up the walls south, then run as fast as you can down (dont forget supply bag) because that many pillars hitting you will drain you pretty fast. Also, your second knight should be at the back of the group, so by the times the pillars can no longer shoot your first knight, your second knight is blocking the damage. This is the best way to minimize risk to the casters.

This is how we did it, as you can see here:


Once you reach a room full of Butterflies:


You will find a Magic Shop Vendor and a Weapon Vendor, to restock if needed, as well as stairs on the bottom left here:


If you go up the stairs you will have unlocked the shortcut:


The Proximity Bombs from Hell: Edit

Once you restock, and head up the stairs, enter the portal to the south here:


I didnt get a recording of the run through the Proximity Bomb room, but if you watch the end of the maze video, you can see us getting 1-2 shot in about 1 round of combat by crack mode Proximity Bombs. As you can see the wall method doesnt work, the biggest reason for this is that if you throw up a magic wall and a Proximity Bomb walks into it, it breaks the wall, and promptly kills anyone behind said wall as you can see at 1:11:23.

The goal of this room is to make it to the far North-East corner an enter the portal you find there. Considering we were rebirthing, we were a little cavalier in our methods since levels didnt matter, however after trying Stone Skin Amulets, and Shockwave amulets to try and mitigate some of those 30k-40k splash hits that these particular Proximity Bombs do, we finally found a solution. Also note, later on when you do the boss battle he summons Proximity mines, while it is still good to keep your casters walled, they do not do much damage at all. We had mini heart attacks when we saw them, but dont panic and just keep your mages out of the damage area.

After a few trial and error attempts, we came up with a way through the room. For the most part its a small waiting game, but you dont even have to wait that much (unless there are 2-3 just crowding the square you teleport in on, which is a PZ spot).


Ruby Necklace (MUST HAVE), this reduces the damage from the Proximity Bombs by 80-90% for up to 10 hits, and having ran through the room 3 times, i only used 5 charges on one necklace.

Wait for a small opening, then run through the room, i usually ended up doing kind of a diagonal pattern dodging between bombs on the north end, and 1-2 on the south end, and running right up into the portal in the North-East corner of the room.

You will find yourself in a small rectangular room heading north where you will see a Wooden Chest on a platform and to the right you will see a portal.


If you attempt to loot the chest, it will teleport you back to the beginning of the Proximity Bomb room.

Go directly in the blue portal to move on to the next part of the quest.

Is this a Dream?... Edit

Once you make into the portal at the far end of the Proximity Bomb Room you will find yourself in the Laboratory of Finn. Each member of your party must use the bed in the room and work through a conversation with Finn through a prompted conversation, while the rest of the party fights Dream Eaters. However, if you watch the video you will notice we found a spot on the bottom left of the room you can wall yourself in and just wait it out.


The prompted responses in order are:

  • Dream
  • Feelings
  • Anxious
  • Dream Eaters
  • Interpret
  • Perception
  • Perspective
  • Superego
  • jail
  • Belong
  • Interpreted
  • Signed

Once you have finished with the discussion you return to the bed you entered the dream realm through and use it once more to return to the normal realm.


After all 6 of your group have used the bed and gone through the conversation with finn, enter the portal in the top left of the room to be transported to the next room of the quest, ALL 6 of your group HAVE to have finished the bed part of the quest to get the portal to take each of you to the right place and move on with the quest.


Tyransict the King of Darkness' Apprentice: Edit

Succeeding in the dream area will teleport you to a room with 6 orange tiles surrounding a central dias, this room is PZ, there is no danger here, nor any loot of any kind. One group member must stand on each of the orange tiles. When the last group member steps on the square a portal opens in the center of the room that will allow passage for 30 seconds, go quickly into this portal and you will be taken to the boss room.


We were overly cautious about potential threats, but for the first few minutes in the boss room, Tyransict will just appear and start talking. You can prepare your mages by standing in the top left corner and assigning one of the druids to do nothing but keeping overgrowth walls up.

The fight will begin after he says: Edit

Tyransict: And finally... I must destroy the "True Heroes" that arrive to stop me. Are you ready to see what the King of Darkness' apprentice can do?

Tyransict: Muahahaha!!

Tyransict: Engarde!

Make sure to constantly keep the druids on point with the walls, and shoot Tyransict, both knights can be out hitting him. Periodically throughout the fight the boss will teleport every player in your group to the square he is standing on in the room, as you can see in the walk-through boss video at 5:30. Just get your mages back in the north-west corner and keep going.

Boss Abilities:

  • Summon: Proximity Bomb (5:01)
  • UE Mort (4:45) ---mutation--- > UE Vis (6:40)
  • Mort Wave: Top to bottom of room (4:37)

When you kill him (6:16), he mutates and becomes a gigangic glooth robot, the frequency at which he casts his abilities increases. He summons many more proximity bombs, much faster, and he replaces his mas mort with a mas vis ( He first uses this ability at 75% health)

Once his second form dies you will be prompted with a message, however it is quite misleading:


We ran around clicking armor racks and weapon racks, but as far as we were aware, there was no loot in the room at all and Tyransict did not drop any items.

After a minute the group will be teleported to the Queens chamber above the depot, where you will once again talk to her about your enlightenment, and a short time later, you will be Rebirthed!


However my health may be misleading, i started back with 14k health, which appeared intentional to increase strength, however as mentioned in the rewards section, it turns out this is an unintended residual affect, that will be lost when the rebirthed player first dies, setting their HP/Mana to the appropriate values for whatever your level happens to be.

I would suggest going and dropping most of your backpack in the depot because your cap is that of a level 8, where you were holding supplies for a level 1800, your cap will be 0, and you cant pick up anything, so dump as much as you can, grab a few stacks of avalanches and hit that leveling grind again.

If you inspect yourself you will notice a fancy change in your vocation title like my knight:


You will be able to tear through things from low level spawns as you did keep your skills, so as a knight i was killing giant spiders in 5 seconds or so. The levels come back quick, so get back out there and work on rebirth 2!!

Shout-out to the Record Breakers: Edit

Spartacus, Arisen, Renuzit, Dafter, Lpepe, Mk


Walkthrough Videos: Edit

Cyntara An Alternate Fate Maze Run

Cyntara An Alternate Fate Maze Run

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Cyntaras An Alternate Fate Dream Realm

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Cyntaras An Alternate Fate Boss Battle