Artifact is something new amazing that Cyntara has to offer.

When you reach level 700, You can do a chain of quests in spectral awakening (please refer to quests page)

Once you complete these quests you receive your artifact, This is now your endgame weapon. There is no need to ever upgrade this weapon again. You must manually apply quality to your artifact, and place enchantment orbs on it also.

Once your weapon is completed and you reach level 1200, you can apply a level 1200 item onto your artifact to increase your damage output.

In addition all boss's you kill, quests you complete and dailys you attend you will receive artifact points.

Artifact boost- South east of the depot is your artifact guy, Go see him and say hi research. He will tell you when to come back, this allows you to receive more artifact power each time you use the artifact bonus's from boss

Dungeons are also an amazing way to get artifact power as each dungeon holds 3-4 boss's and you receive more power everytime you finish the dungeon.

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