Banshee Quest Edit

The Banshee Quest is a somewhat maze-like quest, consisting of two quest lines.

You enter the quest area from the portal room here:

There is a main banshee quest, where you go to kill the Banshee Queen, and the second banshee quest, that has a separate set of rewards. The Banshee Quest requires players to fight their way through two floors of monsters to reach the third floor.

Once you reach the third floor, you get to choose which way to go. Through the experience doors on the north wall of the room, is the Banshee Queen and her horde of banshees standing between you and riches. Up the stairs on the far left of the room leads to the secondary quest, which is quite a bit less difficult.

It is recommended that you do the secondary quest first, then return to do the Main Quest once that is finished.

The Side Quest: Edit

Types of Creatures:

  • Vampire Queen
  • Vampire
  • Banshee

While you work your way around the map, descending to the third floor be aware, banshees will run when low health, and they also heal. "Exevo gran mas frigo/flam" will probably be a casters best friend in this area, as the monsters here do not have a large health pool, but there are large quantities of them.

Once you reach the third floor, go passed the Experience Doors up the stairs to the right:

And go around into the center room where you will find a set of portals:

They will teleport you into a room with a few Banshees and Vampires, 'frigo' these down and collect your rewards before entering the portal in the corner.

Once you leave the Side Quest area you will be back on first floor, and have to work your way back to the third floor to continue with the Main Banshee Quest.


Rewards: Edit

Platinum Amulet (Arm:2, protection physical +3%)

Sweet Smelling Bait


The Main Quest: Edit

During this quest you should have a blocker and a few mages of a decent level to negate any real danger from the large amount of Banshees in this room, as well as the Banshee Queen.

Types of Creatures:

  • Banshee
  • Banshee Queen (Boss)

Assuming you are back on Floor 3, and standing in front of the Experience Doors pictured here:

You will then head up and around. Kill all the Banshees as you go, so you are not overwhelmed when you reach the Banshee Queen, as she summons many Banshees herself:

Once the Banshee Queen is eliminated a bridge will appear leading to the island and you will have a limited amount of time to enter the portal here:

The portal on the island will take you to the Main Quest reward room:


Rewards: Edit

---------------------------------**CAN ONLY CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING**---------------------------------

Assassin Dagger (Atk:257, Def:158 +2)

Butcher's Axe (Atk:258, Def:144 -2)

Crystal Mace (Atk:259, Def:138 +2)

Triple Bolt Crossbow (Range:6, Atk+13, Hit%+7)

Diamond Sceptre (magic level +3)


Walkthrough Video Edit

Cyntara Banshee Quest

Cyntara Banshee Quest

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