Health: 90,000

Experience: 650,000

Abilities: Melee (500-1000), Self-Healing (15000-35000), Exori Rai (800-6000), Sudden Death (300-5000), Paralyze (weak), Energy Strike (200-1100), Rage of the Skies (200-3000), Poison Strike (500-600), Terra Strike (1000-3000), Ice Strike (100-800), Eternal Winter (400-1400)
Pushable: 10px-Cross
Est. Max. Damage: 21,900 damage per turn
Immune To: Earth, Paralyze, Drunk, Invisibility
Strong To: None
Neutral To: None
Weak To: None
Sounds: "exori rai"
Behavior: The Cyntarist is a mix of all the other elementalist creatures. The Cyntarist rarely retargets and always keeps its distance.
Field Notes: It always spawns around many Arsonists, Iceists, Boltists, Terrarists, and Reapists.
Location: The Cyntarist spawns in raids on Thais, Edron, and Venore. Cyntarist also spawns in a silent raid in the Elementalist spawn. They are mostly hunted for their Eternal flame drop, Artifact power and Event tokens.
Notes: Cyntarist is mainly hunted for his Eternal Flames drop.
Strategy: N/A
Loot: 0-3 Small Topaz, Eternal Flames (always), Vial of Soul Fragment (Green), White Piece of Cloth (rare), Green Piece of Cloth (rare), Red Piece of Cloth (rare), Blue Piece of Cloth (rare), Yellow Piece of Cloth (rare).
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