Dragons Den Quest Edit

The Dragons Den Quest is Cyntaras second puzzle based quest requiring you to match certain items in a specific order to unlock the reward room.

Rewards Edit

Red Robe (mages), Noble Armor (knights), Red Tunic (paladins)

Daily Chest

Quest Edit

You enter the quest from the portal room here:


This is another puzzle the must be solved in order to receive a reward. There are 6 items placed around the dragon/dragon lord spawn. Your task is to memorize the location of these items in order to replicate it later.


Once you locate each of these items you then enter the portal in the center of the dragon spawn (just north of the entrance portal) :


You will find yourself in the puzzle area of the Dragons Den Quest, that has levers around the room that when pulled will make an item appear on counter nearby. You will need to match the locations of the items in the dragon spawn with the corresponding locations within the puzzle area to complete this section.


Once that section is completed you may proceed to the center of the room and pull the lever with the golden handle:


You will be transported to the rewards room:


**Notice there are 2 chests, the wooden chest is the normal quest loot that can only be looted once. The treasure chest is one of the new Daily Quest chests, that can looted once each day when you complete this quest.**

Walkthrough Video Edit

Cyntara Dragons Den Quest

Cyntara Dragons Den Quest

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