Fury Gate Edit

The Fury Gate is the quest required to unlock the portal to the Pits of Inferno quest area. In this quest players must work together using a variety of spells to kill crowds of enemies to enter the portal at the end of the quest, for which they will be teleported to the start area for Pits of Inferno and will have access from the Quest Portal Room.

You enter the quest area from the portal room here:

Looking at the minimap this is the path that must be traveled to get to the final fight room.

Types of Creatures:

  • Fury
  • Juggernaut
  • Hellfire Fighter
  • Hellhound
  • Diabolic Imp
  • Lich
  • Destroyer
  • Betrayed Wraith
  • Plaguesmith
  • Hand of Cursed Fate

Should We Run It?!?! Edit

While at high enough levels or with skilled enough side-stepping, players can fly paste the hordes of hell and get to the portal, but be wary, getting trapped is quite possible, and if you are not high enough level to survive, you will find yourself in the Temple, and having to start again :)

After fighting your way from the beginning to the stairs at the end of part one here:

There will be a little adjoining bridge taking you to the start of Part 2.

You will once again fight through enemies, around the bend to the east, and head down to the hole here:

Be careful, there is a room full of monsters waiting for you and it is easy to get boxed in:

(bottom right fury is standing where the rope hole drops you)

If you can manage to make it to the strip of black tile to the left, you will be in PZ as long as you stand still, continuing on the quest to the left, will no longer be PZ:

Following the next area has no monsters to fight until you reach a rope hole that takes you to the final fight room:

You can either dispatching the enemies, or run speedily around to the bottom right and entering the rope hole:

It will take you to the small island in the lava with the portal on it here:

Attunement Portal Edit

After entering the portal on the small island you will be in a room with a portal and a daily chest in it:

Entering the portal will take you to the start of Pits of Inferno and give you a message informing you that you have now unlocked the portal to Pits of Inferno from the Quest Portal Room:

Walkthrough Video Edit

Cyntara Fury Gate Quest

Cyntara Fury Gate Quest