Illusionist Quest Edit

The Illusionist Quest is just about what the name would give you the impression of. A quest that is not at all what it seems.

Level Required: 100


Rewards: Edit

Experience + Crystal Ring


You enter the quest area from the portal room here:



Once you enter the quest teleport, you will enter a room with the Illusionist. There is also a teleporter in the same room. DO NOT ENTER THE TELEPORTER WITHOUT SPEAKING TO THE NPC. If you enter the portal without first getting a mission from the npc, you will die instantly.

If you have not already done this quest, the keywords that you need to say to the Illusionist are as follows:

Player: hi

Illusionist: Aha!! I have a simple task for new Cyntarists! But, first, what is your name?!

Player: (say your name)

Illusionist: Haha! Then (player) I shall call you! You may ask me for a mission if you'd like!

Player: mission

Illustionist: FACE YOUR FEARS, (player)! Fear will cripple you your entire life! You must face your worst fears now! The demons in my keep, do you believe they can kill you?

Player: no

Illustionist: Hoo hoo hoo!!! I cannot decide if you are brave or arrogant, (player)! If you truly believe that to be true, enter the portal! Heeheehee!

Once you have received your mission, walk north and enter the teleporter. You will be teleported into a hallway with many demons. However, these demons are extremely weak and should die if you use any AOE spell or rune.


Simply kill your way north through the hallway, and then enter the teleporter. Simply open the chest to receive your reward.