There are many different ways to obtain mounts on Cyntara. A few of those ways are

  - Reaching a certain level
  - Doing certain quests
  - Using taming items on monsters
  - Using a music box on any tamable creature
  - Using dream matter


Name Required Level Mount Item
Black Sheep Black Sheep 0 Reins
Coral Ripper Coral Ripper 200
Crystal Wolf Crystal Wolf 600 Diapason
Donkey Donkey 100 Bag of Apple Slices
Dragonling Dragonling 400 Decorative Ribbon
Dromedary Dromedary 400 Fist on a Stick
Highland Yak File:Highland Yak.gif 600
Ironblight Ironblight 600 Iron Loadstone
Kingly Deer Kingly Deer 300 Golden Fir Cone
Magic Carpet Magic Carpet 800
Magma Crawler Magma Crawler 400 Glow Wine
Manta Ray Manta Ray 450 Foxtail
Marsh Toad Marsh Toad 0
Midnight Panther Midnight Panter 450 Leather Whip
Racing Bird Racing Bird 0 Carrot on a Stick
Ringtail Waccoon Ringtail Wacoon 1200
Scorpion King Scorpion King 400 Scorpion Sceptre
Shock Head Shock Head 1100 ?
Stampor Stampor ? ?
Steel Bee Steel Bee 400
Tamed Panda Tamed Panda 750 Bamboo Leaves
Tiger Slug Tiger Slug 300 Slug Drug
Tin Lizard Tin Lizard 350 Tin Key
Undead Cavebear Undead Cavebear 800 maxilla maximus
Uniwheel Uniwheel 800 Golden Can of Oil
Vortexion Vortexion 0
Walker Walker 0
War Bear War Bear 0 Slingshot
Widow Queen Widow Queen 250 Sweet Smelling Bait
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