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|[[Scorpion Sceptre]]
|[[Scorpion Sceptre]]
|[[Shock Head]]
|[[File:Shock Head.gif]]

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There are many different ways to obtain mounts on Cyntara. A few of those ways are

  - Reaching a certain level
  - Doing certain quests
  - Using taming items on monsters
  - Using a music box on any tamable creature
  - Using dream matter


Name Required Level Mount Item
Black Sheep Black Sheep 0 Reins
Coral Ripper Coral Ripper 200
Crystal Wolf Crystal Wolf ? Diapason
Donkey Donkey 100 Bag of Apple Slices
Dragonling Dragonling 400 Decorative Ribbon
Dromedary Dromedary 400 Fist on a Stick
Highland Yak File:Highland Yak.gif 600
Ironblight Ironblight ? Iron Loadstone
Kingly Deer Kingly Deer ? Golden Fir Cone
Magic Carpet Magic Carpet 800
Magma Crawler Magma Crawler ? Glow Wine
Manta Ray Manta Ray 450 Foxtail
Midnight Panther Midnight Panter 450 Leather Whip
Racing Bird Racing Bird 0 Carrot on a Stick
Ringtail Waccoon Ringtail Wacoon 1200
Scorpion King Scorpion King 400 Scorpion Sceptre
Shock Head Shock Head 1100 ?
Stampor Stampor ? ?
Steel Bee Steel Bee 400
Tamed Panda Tamed Panda 750 Bamboo Leaves
Tiger Slug Tiger Slug 0 Slug Drug
Tin Lizard Tin Lizard 350 Tin Key
Undead Cavebear Undead Cavebear 800 maxilla maximus
Uniwheel Uniwheel 800 Golden Can of Oil
Walker Walker 0
War Bear War Bear 0 Slingshot
Widow Queen Widow Queen 250 Sweet Smelling Bait
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