Pillow Puzzle Quest Edit

The Pillow Puzzle quest is Cyntara's first quest where you have to solve a puzzle to gain the quest reward as opposed to just killing creatures, however there is also a bit of creature killing on the way to the quest itself.

Rewards Edit

Jade Hat (mages), Krimhorn Helmet (knights), Ragnir Helmet (paladins)

Daily Chest

Method Edit

The portal for this quest is located in the quest area of the teleport room, here: PillowPuzzleTeleportRoomLocation

It is highly recommended, unless you are a high enough level, to kill your way through to the end of the quest. There are a large number of fairly difficult monsters along the way, and if you try to run at a low level you might get surrounded and die. Follow the mini map below to find yourself in the last room of the quest: Pillowpuzzleminimapfinal

In this room, you must solve a puzzle. It is exactly the same puzzle as the Dreamer's Challenge Quest on real Tibia. You must arrange the pillows in a certain order for the teleporter to the north west to open. The puzzle should look like this when you have done it successfully:


Once the teleporter appears, enter it. In this next room, you must run down a long path while you are being shot at by pillars. The pillar damage is pretty weak, but just make sure you keep your mana full at all times. At the end of the path there are two teleporters. It doesn't matter which one you go in, they both lead to the same destination.


Now take your reward. You may do this quest as many times as you want to get the daily reward.

Walkthrough Video Edit

Cyntaras Pillow Puzzle Quest

Cyntaras Pillow Puzzle Quest