Play points are an easy way to get free rewards, just for being online!

You'll earn one play point for every 1 second spent online, this includes time spent in trainers (not offline training).

All you have to do when you're ready to redeem your rewards is head downstairs in the temple and check your points (even if you know you have enough points you need to walk on the orange tile before purchasing items). After you've stepped on the orange tile you can head north and downstairs again to claim your rewards.


Rewards and prices:

  • 25 Crystal Coins - 21,600 Play Points
  • 5 Minor Crystalline Tokens - 9,000 Play Points
  • 20 Soul Potions - 21,600 Play Points
  • Upgrader Crystal - 64,800 Play Points
  • 1.5x Exp Fish(30min) - 108,000 Play Points
  • Lesser Enchantment Crystal (random) -4,500 Play Points
  • Enchantment Crystal (random) - 11,250 Play Points
  • Grand Enchantment Crystal (random) 25,200 Play Points
  • Eternal Flames - 315,000 Play Points
  • Certificate of Name Change - 396,000 Play Points
  • Orb of Enchantment - 360,000 Play Points
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