Quests: Edit

Cyntara has a wide variety of quests. Here we will add tutorials, guides, and general player contributed advice for completing the many quests and treasures of Cyntara.

~~Quest Guides and Videos by Draggonoth~~

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Main Quests: Edit

Noob Island Quest: Noob Island Quest Guide (Complete)

Beginner Quest: Beginner Quest Guide (Complete)

Illusionist Quest: Illusionist Quest Guide (Complete)

Pillow Puzzle Quest: Pillow Puzzle Quest Guide (Complete)

Dragons Den Quest: Dragons Den Quest Guide (Complete)


Warzones 1: Warzone 1 Quest Guide (Needs encounters+Video)

Warzones 2: Warzone 2 Quest Guide (Needs encounters+Video)

Warzones 3: Warzone 3 Quest Guide (Needs encounters+Video)


Last Creep Standing: Last Creep Standing Quest Guide (Complete)

Banshee Quest: Banshee Quest Guide (Complete)

Cyntara Trivia: Cyntara Trivia Quest Guide (Complete)

Myths Maze: Myths Maze Quest Guide (Complete)

All Around Quest: All Around Quest Guide (Complete)

Fury Gate: Fury Gate Quest Guide (Complete)

Trial of Fire: Trial of Fire Quest Guide (Needs Video)

The Dojo:

Shiny Island:

Initiation Quest: Initiation Quest Guide (Complete)

Pits of Inferno:

Super Spells Quest:

Ferumbras Tower:

Dark Knight of Vanda: Dark Knight of Vanda Quest

Cyntara Zone: Cyntara Zone Quest

Four Swords:

Depth Lords:

Demon Oak:

Wrath of the Emperor: Wrath of the Emperor Quest Guide (Complete)

Graveyard of Heroes:


Challenge Room:

Battle Tower:

Cursed Ruins:

An Alternate Fate: An Alternate Fate Quest Guide (Complete)

Treasure Chests: Edit

Rotworms – Jagged Sword

Elves – Taurus Mace + 3 Heaven Blossoms

Coryms – 200 Platinum Coins

Terror Bird – Stealth Ring + 300 Ultimate Mana Runes

Dragon Hatchlings – Wand of Draconia (Sorc), Silweaver Bow/Onyx Arrows(Paladin),

Dwarves – 25 Crystal Coins

Pirates – Boots of Haste


Nightstalkers – Wand of Cosmic Energry (Sorc), 25 Enchanted Spears(Paladin),

Cyclops - Crown Armor

Dragons – Dragon Shield, Dragon Shield

Lancer Beetles – Wailing Widow Necklace

Eskimos - Glacier Robe(Sorc), Earmuffs for Yakchal (Ice Witch)

Vampires – Crystal Backpack + 5 Vampire Dust

Squirrels – Scroll (Hint to Teleportation Scroll)

Giant Spider – 2 Spider Silk, Crown Shield

Ice Golems – Frostbite Herb(Druid Addon), 3 Shards

Djinn – Wand of Inferno (Sorc),

Bog Raiders – (unknown) Survival Ring,

Iron Servants - (unknown) Unlock Rust Removers

Dragon Lords – Wooden Whistle, Wand of Inferno(Sorc),

Frost Dragons – Hailstorm Rod(Sorc)

Nightmares – Enigmatic Voodoo Skull

Sea Serpents

Elementalists -  2 iced soils and 2 glimmering soils, 2 natural soils, and 2 energy soils.


Fire Devils – Guardian Shield + Fire Axe


Heroes – Crown Helmet + Fire Sword


Holy Bishops – Unknown

Demons – Demon Helmet / Gold Key + bag (Demon Shield + Demonrage Sword)

Undead Dragons

Legendary Warriors

Mad Mages

Royal Minions


Serpent Spawns –medusa shield and 2 crystal coins





Black Knight Boss




White Knights – Crown legs


Demon Sprouts – Terra Mantle & 5 Wood


Ghastly Dragons

Grim Reapers

Abyss Necromancers

Drakens – Elite Draken Mail

Demons- demon shield and a demonrage sword, key 4999

Demi Lich - 1st-book, 2st-spellbook of vigilance

Mind Flayers

Ice Miners

Daily Quest Chests: Edit

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