Welcome to Cyntara, Below you will see a quick guide on where to start, I understand there is alot going on and not sure where to go. I will touch base on the first few hundred levels. However The hunting guide will also give tips on where to Hunt, What to do and best ways to do it.

Portal Room- Shows all portals for all hunting spawns. This is a nice place to get familiar with as i will refer to it often.

Trainers- The trainers are great on Cyntara, When you enter trainers you gain more stamina then been offline training. Your skills move fast, and so does your magic level. Whilst inside the trainers get familiar with the Auto Functions tab. There is a mana burn option there so you can automatically train your magic level !

Auto Function tab - This tab does not just offer a mana burn option, It offers Auto Haste, Auto loot (you must open bodies) and even auto Rings.

So you've just entered into Cyntara temple.if you go into the teleport room and walk north, up the stairs is a beginner room. If you walk into the beginner room and talk to Ashri he will give you a bunch of quests to do.

Once you have finished with Ashri you should be above level 200. If you do not yet have money for a promotion My tip is check some bp's or parcels on the ground and usually there is a lot of stuff to sell.

If not Into the cyclops portal you go. Once you kill some cyclops , Vampires or even some dragon hatch-lings go back to the temple.

Promotion- Once you have 100k Go all the way north of the DP/Temple And talk to the queen. Get your first promotion!

From here I will forward into the hunting guide. See you there!

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