Wrath of the Emperor Edit

To do Wrath of the Emperor you must first find the entrance to the Hidden Draken City, in the north-west corner of the Draken Spawn, refer to the first Walk-through video at the bottom of the guide.

This is one of the most challenging quests you will find on Cyntara, requiring at least 10-15 high level characters with a good 1600+ blocker or two.

The group we had, was about 15 in total, 13 of which are in the following picture:


Rewards: Edit

Dragon Backpack : ( 100cc, 10 gold ingots, 1 perch )

Draken Doll

---------------------------------**CAN ONLY CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING**---------------------------------

Elite Draken Helmet : (Arm:12, distance fighting +7, protection death +5%).

Royal Scale Robe :  (Arm:10, magic level +8, protection physical +5%, energy +5%, fire +5%, death +4%).

Royal Draken Mail : (Arm:22, club fighting +4, sword fighting +4, axe fighting +4, shielding +8, protection physical +12%, fire +5%, death +2%).


The Bridge: Edit

For this section its best to lead most of the raid to the middle north where there can be found a broken bridge:

One or two people will run and grab the levers, they are on the top most level of these towers:

South-West :

North-West :

North-East :


There are 4 levers in total, one in each corner at the very top level, beware of Chosens!

Once activated the bridge will be completed and therefore crossable:

Unlocking the Electric Doors Edit

For this part of the quest you have to fight your way up and around a maze-like structure and enter a blue portal that will allow you to walk through the previously electified and impassable doors. Once you are through them, you will need to fight your way to the other portal to be able to head to the next section of the quest.

It took our group 48 minutes, to reach both portals, and get to the safe zone, where there is the shortcut portal and a restock vendor before heading on and fighting the different aspects of the Emperor.

As i missed getting many screenshots and maps for this section, i will be adding the video for this segment of the quest at the bottom of the guide, it is a 48 minute video showing how we got from the ground floor, up to both portals to make it to the next part of the quest.

The Aspects of the Emperor: Edit

The area containing the portals to the 4 aspects is swarming with Draken Abominations, Undead Dragons, Ghastly Dragons, Elite Drakens and more.

The Aspects of the Emperor are:

  • Fury of the Emperor
  • Wrath of the Emperor
  • Scorn of the Emperor
  • Spite of the Emperor

Defeating each of the aspects will display a message to confirm you have completed quest progress:



The portals marked by green squares are the Aspects:

You will need to defeat all of these aspects before you will be able to continue on and fight The Emperor himself:

Once you defeat him you will recieve a text pop up just as you did after defeating each aspect :

Once defeated you can take the portal out to the front of Draken City, where you will find the rewards room portal to the right of the entrance here:

This will take you to the Rewards room where you will be able to choose one of the 3 pieces of armor, you can loot the wooden chest to get your dragon backpack of loot, and dont forget to open the wardrobe to get your draken doll.

Walkthrough Video: Edit

Cyntara Wrath of the Emperor Portal Unlock

Cyntara Wrath of the Emperor Portal Unlock

Cyntara Wrath of the Emperor Attunement Portals

Cyntara Wrath of the Emperor Attunement Portals

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